About us

Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) is a private medical equipment and education company founded in October, 2005. SGS is rapidly becoming an industry leader in the field of airway diagnostics for orthodontics, dental sleep medicine, otolaryngology and pulmonology. SGS employs a team of motivated trainers and representatives to work hands-on with physicians and dentists in the field. SGS management has many years of combined experience heading high tech and medical services companies.

SGS develops, produces and distributes medical equipment and services dealing with airway management, sleep disorders, and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. It is our goal to help facilitate widespread diagnosis of Sleep Apnea by providing our practitioners with appealing diagnostic and treatment alternatives to offer patients.

To further its goal of becoming an industry leader, SGS also provides continuous education to doctors and medical personnel through ongoing seminars staffed by well-respected and informed individuals in the field.