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The Alpharetta office has been serving the community since 1997. In 2003 the office was officially limited to the treatment of Craniofacial pain, TMJ disorders, Sleep apnea and snoring. The doctors strongly believe in treatment using a multidisciplinary model when necessary. Many times the patient will present with symptoms that are clearly a result of a improper function of the Temporomandibular Joint, however the cause may be due to poor posture, bad bite, prior injuries distant from the site of where they may be experiencing pain etc. In these cases working in a multidisciplinary approach betters the outcome of care. This may include Physical Therapist, Chiropractors, Internal Medicine, ENT, Neurologist, Oral surgeons, Nutritionist, Certified Massage therapist etc.

As a service to the community the Doctors offer complimentary introduction courses to healthcare providers so that they may be able to understand and Identifying TMJ disorders within there own patient population, allowing then to start treatment early or refer then sooner so that years don’t go by before anyone identifies a problem. We typically see patients that have been suffering from a TMJ problem on average of 4.5 years before they find our office or are referred to our practice. Our referral sources are typically Oral Surgeons, ENT doctors, General dentists, Orthodontist, Family physicians, Chiropractors, Physical therapist and finally from satisfied pain free patients.

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